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Oh Yes! – Dear. You don’t know Me – yet, but I’ve Got You (under my nails…). In My Eyes… You – Just can’t get enough – (They say There is no Easy way To kill a Cat. But.You! just wait and seee… Support-Surprise Surprise) Music? Oh – I suggest… by BEP

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2 Sleepy … (a couple) – Jive Talkin’. In Your Atmosphere. One Morning in May. (and ONE is a jealous jay.) – ”Hey You. Hang With Me” (A small thing) – ”Frozen” (shaken) ”If I Could Turn Back Time” – ”At Last. Time Is On My Side. Come along” and ”Start Me Up”.  Try Again. ”Starting All Over” – ”Time After Time”? – ”Jump”. – ”Well well well” – ”Being God is Okay, But Being Better…” – ”I Want You. Can’t Stop Loveing You.” (Someone New said) – ”Still? (and than) Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”. – ”If I Had You…” – ”Catch The Rain” and ”Don’t Love Me To Hard” (…I’m a little Alien…) – ”Always. Covered In Rain”. – ”Giving You The Best That I Got”  – ”From Now on. Every Breath You Take…” (Wireless Whistle for a Hurricane.) – ”What If We (Can…) Could Live Tomorrow” (lle) – ”If You Could Read My Mind” (Alb. vers.) (hmmm – ”I Only Miss Her (When I Think of…). Love You Inside Out” – ”Easy now. If You Don’t Know Me By Now… More Than A woman. I am Every Woman”. A squadron, a ”Witchy Woman”. And You are A (slug) Snail. ”You can Make It Easy On Yourself”. – (Hm.) ”What A Feeling. Scream Eureka. Time for Miracles”. ”If I Loved You Baby… the Way I loved You… that’s nothing Like I Love You Now”. ”Love Supreme”. And. ”You Can Call Me Breeze”. However…

(– Svårt att komma till skott?) – Not at all. Left a Souvenir. A Big mix mega Up in the Air. (BOM!!!)

– ”Be Happy.” (Brian A) Så sant som sagts på ”SG1” på svt6 idag i rutan. Efter Virusvaccin kan en ”Narko”effekt uppstå. Den drabbar somliga hårdare (upp till 3 år tror jag någon annan för ett tag sen sa’ – förmodligen den tid skyddet varar…) ”StarWars Theme”. ”Be You Self No Mather What They Say”… ringer alltjämnt i mina öron så…Tar en lite franskbetonad låt Taxi(iii) med Vanessa (Paradis-Depp) och slutar här sedan. Måste åka och handla i min närICA samtidigt ”rasta” Nougat. Ha det…

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